This plugin will help you easy and fast to Manage, Edit, Export and Import Product Stock fields and Product price.

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  1. Group product by stock
  2. Search and filter product
  3. Sorting product
  4. Quick change product stock
  5. Export product stock fields to excel
  6. Import changes of product stock fields from excel
  7. Support export/modify/import for Product Variations
  8. Hide product by move it to trash
  9. Setting to expand variation or not
  10. Allow Edit and Import price

Features details:

  1. Group product by stock:
    Group products by stock quantity, help you easy to classify products:
  2. Search and filter:

    • Search products by Product name or Product SKU.
    • Filter products by Product type, Manage stock, Stock status, Date, Category.

  3. Sorting product:
    Allow sort product by: ID, Name, SKU, Stock Manage, Stock quantity, Stock status, Back orders
  4. Quick change stock fields:
    Quick change (via Ajax – not reload page): Manage stock, Stock quantity, Stock status, Allow backorders of product:

    • Number 1: Save changes of all product.
    • Number 2: Save changes of each product.

  5. Export products with stock information to excel file:

    • Easy to Export products data to Excel file. You can search and filter before export
    • You can use this file to change stock fields and import it back (more details at feature 6 below)

    • The content of excel file look like below:

  6. Import from excel file:

    • Click on import tab and choose your file you want to import
    • Notice: only support import from file export by this plugin

    • You can change and import value of: Manage Stock, Stock Quantity, Stock Status, Back orders:

    • Support select by dropdownlist:

  7. Support edit and export stock of Variation Product:

    • View and edit stock variation products of variable products. Product variation just available with product Variable. To view and edit product variation, you must click on button “Show variations”. After that you can edit and save Variation normally:

    • Variation products available in excel file. If product Variable have Variation, then all variation will export below it:

  8. Hide product by move it to trash:

    • If you want to hide product from front-end, you can move it to trash:

    • Trash tab content products trash:

    • If you want to show product back to front-end, you can restore it:

    • Or you can delete permanently product if this product not use:

  9. Setting tab to setting expand variation or not:

    • If you check Expand variation, when you load page, variations product will expand all. If you not check Expand variation, when you load page, you need click button Show variaions to show variations of each variable product

  10. Allow Edit and Import price:

    • Edit price in excel file and import it back:

Change log:

Version 2.0: 23 May 2017:
  - Compatibility with Woocommerce 3.0.x
  - Supported PHP7
Version 1.3: 19 January 2017:
  - Fix some layout broken.
  - Add edit price.
  - Add export/import price.
Version 1.2: 24 September 2016
  - Add feature move product to trash to hide product in front-end, restore product in trash to get product back in front-end, delete product in trash to delete permanently product.
  - Add setting for Expand variations product.
  - Add filter by Date and Category.
  - Optimize code.
Version 1.1: 15 June 2016
  - Add feature import from excel.
  - Allow sort product.
  - New export template.
Version 1.0: 29 May 2016
  - First stable release